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Climatic cabinets (phytotrons) (UGSF ULille – CNRS)

In the laboratory, plants culture is often carried out in a controlled atmosphere in order to limit as much as possible the effects of the environment that may impact plant growth or characteristics. This type of environment is also sought for plant transformations (genomic edition). This type of transformation involves the production and the use of callus that must be processed and maintained on synthetic nutritive media before regenerating an entire plant. For this, we use culture cabinets in controlled atmosphere (temperature, humidity, light) called "phytotrons". Grobank-type phytotrons allow us to control the growth of plants used in the research programs of Alibiotech. They consist of three independent compartments that may be subject to different regulatory regimes (more information: http://www.plantclimatics.de/en/clfgrobanks/brightboys.html).