Position: Research engineer in Molecular biology / Bioinformatics

Profile: The research engineer will be responsible for the biological modeling of the expression data of the genome of peas during cold acclimatization from acquired and to be acquired genome expression data. He or she will participate in the various experiments and work of WP1 on the identification of functions involved in the abiotic stress tolerance of the ALIBIOTECH research project.

Assigned tasks: Modeling, genome expression studies. Expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics will be needed.

Duration: 5 months (to be filled right now).

Contact: Bruno DELBREIL (bruno.delbreil@univ-lille.fr) - ICV - ULille.


Position: Research engineer in Microbiology

Assigned tasks: Analysis of bacterial/material interactions and structure of deposits as a function of drying conditions (air-liquid interface during the process, or drying after the process) and properties of the receiving equipment.

Duration: 12 months (to be filled right now).

Contact: Christine FAILLE (christine.faille@inra.fr) - UMET - team PIHM - INRA.