Presentation of the project

The project aims to strengthen upstream excellence research in the agri-food and biotechnology field and to ensure optimal transfer of research results to regional companies in the sector. Its main objective is the development of a sustainable food- and agriculture through the identification, characterization, biomanufacturing and exploitation of biomolecules and biopolymers and the development and optimization of technologies and clean processes for improving the quality and safety of food from fork to plate.


Scientific, technical and economic benefits

The ALIBIOTECH project is in line with the efforts made in recent years to structure research in agri-food and biotechnology in the Hauts-de-France Region. During the years 2012 and 2013, all the academic actors of the sector met several times to define the contours of a closer collaboration. A structuring project was born in 2013 with the creation of the Regional Institute for Research in Biotechnology and Agro-food Charles Viollette. This Institute brings together nearly 80% of the researchers involved in this project. Among the other teams, some conduct research in close collaboration with the Institute. This project will therefore strengthen these initiatives of structuring and partnership and thus increase the national and international visibility of the work carried out by the researchers involved. It will also create a context of critical size and multidisciplinarity needed today to develop research excellence. Moreover, all the partners involved in this project work in close collaboration with many companies in the sector. This project will therefore be a particularly suitable location for the transfer of results that will be acquired by research conducted upstream, to large companies but also SMEs in the region. A policy of valorisation of the results will be put in place in collaboration, in particular, with the SATT and GIE EURASANTE in order to allow the deposititon of a certain number of patents and their privileged exploitation at the regional level. The results will then be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international conferences.


Regional, national and international positioning of the scientific project

At regional and national level, the objective of this project is to develop agri-food and biotechnology research at the level of the representation of these sectors in the region. Ultimately, publication and patent rates should be among the best in France in these two areas. The project should generate a multiplier effect on the number of funding obtained at the national level (ANR, CIFRE grants), develop an attractiveness for high-level foreign researchers (post-doc) and enable the teams involved to position themselves as partners but also as coordinators of European projects in the area of food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bioeconomy of the Horizon 2020 framework program. To this end, a shared monitoring tool for the calls in the domain will be developed in partnership with COMU and the research directorates.